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Poetic Mind

Either It was soft in the dark
Or it can be dark softly
But we
We were far away
Guided by fireflies
Their lights brighter than ever
Among trees which cannot escape
But their branches were wings
Travelling amidst the symphony
We find a beat
From the notes of a forlorn sky
That’s when
A lawless comet flares in the sky
And we are all painted with stars,
consumed by cosmos
We all have our moments of dust
And we wait in silence
For the given dew
And somehow while waiting
Like a blank page waits
for the words to be inscribed
We all become invisible
Yet everything under the sky was unobscured
And we ourselves ruin it,
To make sure it’s real
And we realize
That for now it was all a
Fragment of a dream!



Travelling on the way to somewhere I belong😉

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