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Poetic Mind

It’s a dream or a reality
I am still confused
It’s like a perfect pause between breaths
Or may be
I am travelling a road
Where i thought
My foots will never lead to
But again it never happens like
how you think!right ?
So here i am a lil confused
A lil excited
More of the happy
And less of nervous
Or maybe
Its like the anxiety
That comes before every adventure
But then
It’s a beautiful reality than a dream
Or maybe
Its the Final piece that’s missing
And every word I write is a step closer
To whatever J’m meant to find
But wait
This isn’t all I think about
So maybe next time
When i will pick up my quill
We will talk about everything
I have read about “it” in thought catalogue and more…


Travelling on the way to somewhere I belong😉

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