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The momentary love

They were same but different. In this big world Both were lost in their own small world. Boy who believed in mysteries and magic of Happiness which is to be found somewhere between too little and too much And then there was this girl who enjoys life because her world was at peace not because their were no conflicts but her ability to cope with them. She was a fresher, a new member in a theatrical group and today was a rehearsal day. She gathered her courage and entered the hall.


When every country is advertising for touristy “India will say live six seasons all together. America will say Have a nice stay whereas Syria will say come and have a Blast” Damn rishi if you didn’t stop your silly jokes I am gonna punch you hard. Oye bhuwi It was a good one bro… By the way who are you? My name is Jeena. Oh you are the new member of our group Hi I am rishi and this guy is bhuwi.

Rishi:-tell me something were you so fond of respect that you put a” je” in front of your name.

Bang *** Damn bhuwi it hurts man .

Bhuwi:- I told if you made a pun one more time I will punch you . Leave rishi he was just being silly. But you have to meet Ved and he will tell you what you have to do

Jeena:- But who’s ved? And where can I find him?

Rishi:- Vedant is the founder director and head of this group

Bhuwi:- And he’s gone out to search for a book. Man this guy can be so tenacious he buzzed me all night for that book and now he’s gone out to bring that single book.

The big day(theatre perfomance):- Behind the curtains

Guys we have to do this we have rehearsed this , now its show time.

Bhuwi:- ved its your entry and where is Je she is next “I am here , I am here” je camed all running.

The scene:-

Our love started as friendship and blossemed into a story tale when their will be nothing to say I know we will still be friends. We met at a bookstore where I was searching for a book and then you entered with rishit to look for me yet you didn’t know How I looked. But little I did know that you will become my classic book. The one so deep that you don’t understand in one go, the one with whom you have to spend time so that you will be able to makeout the meanings of same sentences and everytime it will give you a different meanning. From then we have been the best of friends but Now I wanna be more than a friend. There were times, when I tried explaining you what I feel but not with words but with my actions. But then there were times I tried hiding it from you and you could understood that too. I wanna grab you in my arms and hug you tight like really tight so that you can easily come out from one book world to another. I wanna be the one with whom you can share your night visions that you get in your dreams.

Behind the curtains:- Bhuwi:- ved just say it bro, je is just living to listen those words from you and its really been a long time of waiting.

Rishi:- Bhuwi??? What are you saying , You mean je and ved ,But je is going to get engaged

Bhuwi:- yes she is going to get engaged. See there on stage( bhuwi, rishi and all the gtoup members had a broad grin on their faces)

On stage:-

Je has tears pricking down her face and ved was fumbling through his pockets and then he looked deep her in eyes and she smiled. And They got engaged …The rest of the hall was filled with applause and behind their friends were cheering.

The play was over and Little did anyone know what ved and je were feeling.It was like a fresh air they took.Ved still didn’t said those words to je. When everyone was congratulating and hugging each other Je went to ved and hugged him tight and Ved was shocked by her reaction and she said I do I really do. Ved I love you. But you know I love kunal so much. Ved replied to her by saying you are the craziest girl I have always seen and will always wanna see but my crazy monkey you have a real engagement in two days with Kunal so better get going with life. And you know May be I will not be with you but I will always be in your heart. Je snapped him “ved don’t you say it again” And in mid of the conversation the whole gang came up and was planning to have party night since it was ved’s last night with them as he was soon going to go to newyork for further course in theaters but little did anyone know the real reason behind ved’s urgent decision except jeena, bhuwi and kunal.

The party :- Everyone was high, and they were discussing about their future , the time they have spent together, the memories they have made of the cherishing stories to be told in future. And in mid of all this two people were so detached that they were there but there absence could be sensed by anyone.

Je took ved in a corner and handed him his medicine with a glare at him.Ved smiled and mouthed sorry and said now you dont have to carry all these extra baggage. Je firmly said this wasn’t a baggage for me, the day i got to know about your health i started keeping them with me. So, stop talking like an idiot ved. And yeah I just wanted you to know kunal called and told me its all arranged and we just have to go through formalities. Ved didn’t hear what Je was saying. He just took a imaginary violin in his hand and started singing “lalala lala lala” And everyone in the group caught his eyes and they all started singing and teasing. Ved wiped the tear from the corner of eye from je’s Face hiding it from the group but bhuwi saw all this. When ved joined the group again bhuwi said he wanted to talk je so they stopped and everybody moved away from them. Bhuwi asked “why and why its ved, and that idiot made me stop from coming too?” je made him calm and said bhuwi I am going with him and I promise I will take care of him and then you are coming two days later on my engagement yar. Bhuwi smiled and said how do you guys do it, from where do you get much strength, this Idiot who has a brain tumour and have a oppression in few month is smiling and singing and you on other hand is going to get engaged to that Dr.Kunal and he is no less than you too. Je told bhuwi that kunal and she are childhood friends. He got a job went abroad And i am here with you guys, living my passion but this idiot is who has kept us all together. You know Ved never told me he loves and neither did I because there we never felt the need of saying it we always knew each others feeling. Bhuwi was baffled by this, he always knew about ved’s feeling but je never said it, so he asked se “so ,you accept you love ved than why are you getting married to kunal?” je said I loved ved but never in a way that I will marry him and he also know this but he surely is very dear and special to me. Now bhuwi was more irritated ,he has that anger in his voice that a friend should have “then why caring him for so much, why showing him so much affection when, when we know he is not going to”… “To live ” bhuwi literally broke down when Ved completed his sentence for him with a smile on his face. “Bhuwi you know what I finally told Je that I love her” ved continued the tale “you know that day when she told me that she already knew that I had a health issue as she was spying on me for what I was hiding from her and she visited the hospital after me to know ,that day I told her that I love her and she did kissed me on the cheek and promised me that she will sit with me , eating my head and will keep irritating me until the world of mine runs out of light” Bhuwi was teary eyed now and je patted him and said “what a guy you are bhuwi, you should have encouraged me and you are crying” Ved told him now smile and get back to the party but bhuwi you are such a spoil sport man

after few months :- Je was on call with bhuwi “I fall hopelessly in love with him everday, and I fall hopelessly in love that Ved united me and kunal , I am sure that idiot must be listening to our conversation and laughing because he promised kunal that next birth its going to be him on Kunal’s place”

Whatever you ask will surely be given may be in a different form in a whole different manner but will you still take it or will you be able to cherish it.



Travelling on the way to somewhere I belong😉

4 thoughts on “The momentary love

  1. There is an inherent sweet melancholy about the story. I may not necessarily be happy with the ending but it is a brave one for sure. Writer has clearly understood the character sets and tried to make a relatable yet fantastical story. Beautifully done.

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