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I tried

I tried…

To connect the dots, to fill the empty pots.

I tried…

To listen them talk ,make them calm and yet there was no one with me even for a short walk.

I tried…

To usher the storm burning in my heart, Switch on to sunshine and fell in love with twinkle in the eye.

I tried…

To follow my inner instinct, maybe it wasn’t enough a bit but its all linked.

I tried…

To see everything I feel, When wind blows through the trees, I see them bowing to something I cannot see.

I tried…

To grab a passing by moment, those moments we can’t put into words.

I tried…

I tried…

I tried always to be ‘me’ and why should I stop trying to discover the unknown me…



Travelling on the way to somewhere I belongπŸ˜‰

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