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This is a wonderful maze,
Designed for ourselves.
But Emotions are dying in this business game ,
Words and feelings means nothing but fame.
Then why is media becoming a lullaby?
Think about it
Are the opinions worthy of all the chat show,
And the questions they ask in the name of “Nation wants to Know”.
But the bigger question is
Are they foe or our friends,
What all they do, does it favour society in the end?

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Travelling on the way to somewhere I belong😉

9 thoughts on “Media

    1. Hmm well I agree with you but we can’t deny the fact that their still are people who worships their job and we cant blame everyone just because one bad fish spoils the whole pond…

  1. Talking heads. Verse 55 of the Tao Ti Ching says “Those that know do not talk, those that talk do not know”. Wisdom that still applies today.🙏😊

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