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Just a thought

If someone says I love you and proposes someone and later on decides to celebrate that day, it doesn’t mean that the person will not love you the rest 364 days of his/her life. If someone shows respect to their country on a special day, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have respect for their countries on other days. Do you celebrate Diwali everyday? Do you play colours everyday like holi? Do you observe fast like ramadan everyday? Do you pray or thank Christ like you do on christmas? Oh I get it these are all festivals So let me ask you something else. Do you celebrate your each day like you do on your birthday? I am sure the answer is a big no but many of you will definitely gonna say that you have that feeling to celebrate each day of your life and that excitement is always there and that’s the reason we pick out a day to celebrate it whole Heartily. So that’s my question why do people blame someone for celebrating ? For sharing happiness? You know the feelings are always there, the excitement is always there, its just that people come together and make it auspicious and special…

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Just a thought

In this era of trends you can remain a Classic and that’s absolutely fine. Even If everybody is posting on social media or messaging, you can still be a Love letter and be content.You don’t have to try hard to be unique Just try to be who you are The very simple you…

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If you say you need to push the boundaries, then I guess you are within an imaginary boundary that has held you back. If you say you need to lookout for the things, then I guess you are attached by an illusion of charms. Don’t push, Don’t pull, Don’t get attached to materialistic things There’s no need. You are free. You have endless possibility and boundless opportunity. Because freedom is a state of infinite and it only makes you grow but only when you know what really freedom is. Stay untouched, unbounded and start the unknown and finish unforgettable. Remember Being free is both a feeling and a decision.

Until then Carpe Diem!!!

Smile and Sparkle❤

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I tried

I tried…

To connect the dots, to fill the empty pots.

I tried…

To listen them talk ,make them calm and yet there was no one with me even for a short walk.

I tried…

To usher the storm burning in my heart, Switch on to sunshine and fell in love with twinkle in the eye.

I tried…

To follow my inner instinct, maybe it wasn’t enough a bit but its all linked.

I tried…

To see everything I feel, When wind blows through the trees, I see them bowing to something I cannot see.

I tried…

To grab a passing by moment, those moments we can’t put into words.

I tried…

I tried…

I tried always to be ‘me’ and why should I stop trying to discover the unknown me…

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Happy Happy guys

To the times we talked to the miles we walked. To the lame jokes we cracked and To the laughs we shared cheers to our friendship mate.

And to you with whom we share our musings with whom we learn new things . Its the best bond.

Thanks to everyone around for hanging in here at WP. And ya Happy Happy to you guys today tomorrow and the coming days.

Smile and sparkle Always❤

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This is a wonderful maze,
Designed for ourselves.
But Emotions are dying in this business game ,
Words and feelings means nothing but fame.
Then why is media becoming a lullaby?
Think about it
Are the opinions worthy of all the chat show,
And the questions they ask in the name of “Nation wants to Know”.
But the bigger question is
Are they foe or our friends,
What all they do, does it favour society in the end?

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White powder ~ Drugs

It was just a start

And it teared everything apart

There were no sorrows to behold

The white powder was no less than a gold

I was alone in a undiscovered zone

Yet I thought I had the power to turn the stones

No conscience, no morals mattered

But that dreamy world was shattered

I saw my darkest fears

But forgot my parents tears

It’s now finished

Since I am once again blessed with a life to be lived

But as a return gift it took my confidence

Now here I am learning again how I was raised as my only self defence!!!