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Poetic Mind

Today again,
I lost the track of time
Sitting on a sofa,
Near the window
When I was smiling
When I was around my tribe
It was there on my mind
all those time and
even on this time
when I am writing this
This feeling never dies
Its like a clot or something
Appears again and again
While I am busy setting my life
And I kept asking again again
What beholds my future
What resides their
How, I so wish
if Someone could come and tell what is right and what ain’t
We all live in a bubble
We all leave “This”
For some “That”
And when that will happen
We know not
We are clueless about it
Still we run that race
Some leave it in mid
Some are dragged till the very end
Some go ahead
And some set example
For the world what not to do
Some are happy where they are
And some still struggle
But something is sure,
We are not alone
And we are not behind
We are where we should be
May be we dont realize
People aspire to be who we are, where we are
And To everyone who had or
Who is trying to step out of their comfort zone
You need to hear this
Its okay to try
Try your best
Try if their is tiniest little hope
Let people talk, they will anyways
But I assure you
Your decisions can go wrong
Your decoration can be a disaster
But your insights, instincts
And your intention
They should never go wrong
Just pick out your own cloak
Made of your own choice
Just like a wand chooses its owner
You choose your Heart
And wander around with your magic
Dont go for the search
Dont bury yourself in this jungle of crowd
Feel it inside, Take it with yourself
And Let it spark….

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Poetic mind

Meri saja h
Ki teri sada
me ab sun na saku
Jb jb aasman ko nigaho me kaid kru
Dil ko bechain
or tumse milne ki fariyaad kru
Jaanti hu hmari mulakat hr roz hoti hai
Tum khwabo me aakar hr roz ek naya khwab aankho me saja jate ho
Or fir door sitaro se dekh yun muskurate ho
Ki mere kuch aur sukoon ke pal or chain ki needo ko apne nam likh jate ho
door ho mujhse itna ki
Tumhe dekhu to log pagal karar dete hai
Or agr zikr kru tumhara to ankhe nam kr mujhe dilasa dete hai
Unhe nhi pata ki tumhara saya
Mere sath usi din ho chala tha
jis din tumne is zameen se rukhsat li thi
Or andhere me meri roshni banne ki kuch rashme ki thi
Ab me thodi tumsi ho chali hu
Baatein kai or lafzo me kmi kr chuki hu
Aaj aansu bta pate ki tum mujhe kitna yaad aate ho
To shayad aankho se nami ojhal ho jaye pr fir bhi vo bayan na kr paye
Ki tumhari tasveer se bhi me ab apni baatein sajha krke man ko halka krne lgi hu…

Sada – voice

Fariyaad – complaint

Ojhal- disappear

PS:- Sorry guys was too tired to type it in hindi, will do that soon, till than you guys read and do tell me your views…

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मैं बहुत नराज हूं

मैं बहुत नराज हूं
खुद से हूं या खुदा से हूं
पर मैं परेशान हूं
हालातो से,इबादतो से, षड्यन्त्रों से या फ़िर मेरे ही कुछ अपनो से
अब रिश्ते भी रिश्वत के मोह्ताज़ लगते हैं
शायाद इसलिए बेटियाँ को बोझ केहते है
ओर नइ बहु कॆ दामन में
दहेज के दाग पड़ते हैं,
ये कैसा सैलाब हैं
बिना किसी तूफ़ान के ही
उजड़ गया संसार हैं
ये भ्रम हैं या है कोइ अनचाही हकीकत
इसकी मुझॆ खबर नहीं
पर ये ख्वाब नहीं तो
तो इस सच्चाई के परे
जो अधुरा सपना हैं
उसमे ही सही
पर अब मुझे झूठ में जीना नहीं
अपनो से अपनापन कही खो गया है
लगता है मेरा कोइ जुदा हो गया हैं
अब परायो से क्या गिला करे
यहा तो पिता ही बेटों के प्यार से वंचित हो गया हैं
माना कि पतझड़ में पत्ते साख से टूटकर गिरते है
लेकिन वो उसी मिट्टी में मिलते हैं
फ़िर ये कैसा तूफ़ान हैं
बिना हवा के यहा पोधे बेजान हैं
क्रूरता हे आँखो मे छुपी हुइ
पलको में बेचैनी बसी हैं
मैं कुछ कह भी ना पाउ
ये कैसी दिल की बेबसी हैं
हालातो से लड़ना छोड़ दिया
मेंने अपनी ही ख्वहिशो का दम तोड़ दिया
भीड़ के संग चलना भी सीख लिया
ये कोशिश बेह्तर है या बत्तर हैं
इससे भी में अन्जान हूँ
शायद इसलिए मैं नराज हूं
खुद से हूं या खुदा से हूं
पर मैं यकीनन परेशान हूं |

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Why they are not gullible

No questions they raised are vulnerable

All they did and said was not fanciable

Yet they were not tagged as “people’s person”

Because they are curious

“why people from among them should not enter any temple

Or why on some days the opposite sex are untouchables

Why are their people on high positions ,Even if they are not capable

And you ask why they are not gullible!

Because They waste time in tangents

Conversation to make amendments

And than worry about being their life to be content

Their views are not socially accepted

And May be they are not fashionable

But they are the ones who work for society to become sensible

And you still ask why they are not gullible!

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Poetic mind

I roam around with trifle triumphs

Shedding failures in skin

Wearing jewels of disappointments

And Carrying crown of desires

Willingly I chose, courage to admire

The secret skill it takes

To put a painful smile on the Face

Not a single cell is left to encounter criminal position

I guess I am in a need of part shrink and a part magician

For I believe in pearls of tears

And poison flowing in every body who doesn’t show a care

But I must ask you,

If you could afford to share,My crystal hatred

I will show you the truth of how much really I am scared!

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Poetic mind

I am out of sight

And often wanders at night

Days belongs to Suffocation of crowd

Which I knowingly avoid

I cherish moonlight

And twinkle of star makes my heart warm and bright

A kind of solace it provides

From all discomfort and worry arised

It takes my hand and gives me a shelter to reside

I don’t try to run away, and it also holds me tight and cuddles me as if I am child

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Ink and words

Today, It’s a war between words and ink

They are aware of there link

But none wants to surrender behind any myth

Someone from the two should know that they are each others scythe

Quickly, deeply stabbing were the words

no doubt of no measure to wounds

Ink on the otherside was ready to bleed

But all it wanted some verbs of mercy and plead

And for a long time I was sitting with a quill on a hand and too many thoughts cloud

But I was deceived, in the end my brain ceased

And I looked around for inspiration to hit

I even worshipped honesty that comes with rage to make them stay on a page for a bit

But when the quarrelling storm ended I lost the track of my musings

And Right in front of my eyes

The ink and words together created a beautiful lie …