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In life you can not always choose to live either on red or green, sometimes You need to stay in Yellow and wait for your signal…

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The wind runs away

and the warm memories

comes back on a cold day,

in the night when darkness lingers ,

then my hushed heart

and the dreaming mind visits the light ,

where I always see a smile and

thats the hope for me to walk a little more

while waiting for my rainbow and sunshine…

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A race

Caveat :- This is long and Preachy and if you are looking for a inspirational story or a story with a happy ending just don’t pay heed because you are not getting any of this. Its Just a rambling of my mind and heart.

I had a dream to be something and for that dream I have to be in a battlefield, to learn and to grow to have some ideology but before going in the battlefield they told me to run a race and its compulsory for everyone. So I said, why not !!! I will run and do my best but when I was running I saw I was not running alone, there were thousands like me, some better than me running for a same dream, but I knew I have to run no matter what ,no matter how many people are running because we were all running but each one has a different pace, space and time. And while running when I got tired and I heard some voices cheering up for me, few eyes had a same dream but they were not running ,they were for me, giving wings to me to fly. And I finished I was lucky enough to finish the line because some people were still running, some left the race in middle and some were so ahead of me that they were ready to enter the battlefield when I just touched the finishing line. So I thought I will run again, I will start it all over again and this time there were more eyes looking for me but this time few eyes had a question, asking me why I was still there? Why am I running the same race all over again?I should have asked them before running here. I should have taken there advice to see my dreams but tell me do I really have to take their permission to make my dreams come true? They never wasted a second to tell me that this race was never meant for me. And it was like a hurdle, a cliff of emotions and burden to me But then there were few eyes , carrying a twinkle and a louder cheer in there voice only for me. So I ran the race again and this time finished the race much earlier than before.

Sometimes you get what you want but in another form and its upto you that whether you identify it and accept it as it is or not.

I was and I am happy person who finds happiness in little things, I never wanted more I just wanted good things to lead a better life. I never open to others about my struggle but I always stand beside everyone dear to me to see if they need or want my help. You know when it gets difficult when you are counted among the toppers but not the topper and that’s what happens to me every single time I am running a race. This time I finished it and they told me That I will get an access to the battlefield but not the one I wanted to enter , Its a different one but its no different from the one I wanted and I was so happy to hear that because I was much closer to my dreams. But just before entering the battlefield they told me to get a entrypass.

Life will always find a way to teach you a lesson until you have learnt it.

I never knew about something like an entrypass or Do I have always knew about it?But now the problem was they won’t give me an access to the battlefield till I get my own entry pass and nobody can help me but me. You know our small mistakes which we made in past and forget about it still haunts us till we repair the damage and learn something from it. We can never skip that till we get over it. So I remembered that when I was in a race to walk , you know the time where you learn to walk before you run , That time I trembled just before the finishing line but I managed to balance myself and I made it to the next race , so they told me that I will get an entry but forgot to provide a entrypass which I am going to require in my battlefield. And For me, I had no clue about an entry pass so I just moved on and kept learning new things to be there but now I need that entry pass so that my dream doesn’t crumble and to keep it aloft I will need to start afresh and this time I broke down. I had no patience left in me to start it all over again from the beginning. And to hear those people pointing me out and my mistakes which knowingly I never made.But I never wanted them to understand me and my dreams, all I was asking about is that if they can’t support .e or cheer me up at least they should stop talking about me on my back. But then there are those few eyes who are still counting on me, I don’t know from where they bring this strength to have faith on me everytime I hurt their feeling and crumble their dreams with mine but as tightly they hugged me on my breaking down , as lovingly they wiped my tears from the corner of my eyes and as warmly they brought light in my darkness. I am standing again on the starting line to run the race again with that smile on my face and with all the courage left in me.

we sometimes forget what all our dear ones did for us and we unknowingly underestimate them.They are our rock pillars.They are our talisman. If you ever fail in something just remember there is someone who has a belief in you and you can never break it. You are a home to a dream and a life.

Smile and sparkle always❤

With love Adi.

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Poetic Mind

हज़ारो लोग है जो कभी ना कभी चंद ख्वाब देखते होंगे
थोडा थोडा ही सही पर मुस्कुराकर उन लम्हो को जिया करते होंगे
बस जाती हैं इनके भीतर भी कहानिया अनेक
तो जनाब ये लिखते नहीं तो बयान कैसे करते होंगे

खैर लिखा नहीं तो जिया नहीं, ये इल्जाम हम उनपर लगाये ये भी तो सही नहीं , पर जनाब ये अपने अहसासो को भी ना संजो सके, ये भी किसी गम से कम तो नहीं!!!

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To Every Teacher

This line in the sand,
here I stand,
Like a pilgrim,
pleading before a fire
I find myself reaching to you for every teaching I acquire.
Every poem even this little one
led me back to a seasoned scholar,
you are a teacher and its an honour,
the peaks where world held me,
the troughs where I met me
and even the middle where I get lost ,
you were there ,
you knit me back together,
stitch by stitch you make all my tattered bits,
Until my final day,
when I no longer have to stay.

A very happy teachers day to you all.
Smile and sparkle Always❤

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poetic mind

अगर मगर और काश में जी रहे हैं हम

खुद कि ही तलाश में कही गुम है हम

अभी आपने जाना कितना है

हमने तो खुद को ही पहचाना नही है

सालो लग जाते हैं,

भरोसा पाने को एक दुजे का

यहाँ चंद लम्हो मे तो लोग अपनो को भी भूल जाया करते हैं!!!